Show 23 – Morgan C Jonas

I first became aware of Morgan C Jonas at the height of the Covid pandemic when he was calling out government hypocrisy on the MCJ Report. An independent media program he hosted from his living room. Then he ran as an Independent Candidate for the Senate at the Federal Election before starting his own party for a tilt at the State campaign. Over the last three years Mrgan has helped lead a Freedom movement the likes of which this country has never seen before. The state vilify him as an extremist because they know they can’t control him, he’s operating outside of their narrative. He recently hosted his 200th MCJ Report in front of a live studio audience numbering over 500. You know, they’d never get that many to fill a studio at the ABC for the 7.30 Report. That’s why the government are trying to amend the communications act with their misinformation/disinformation bill. To shut people like Morgan down.



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Damien Richardson



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