Show 41 – Magdalena Nikoloska

Magdalena Nikoloska is a seeker of truth and lover of God. A proud Macedonian living within the tapestry of a multicultural Australia. Standing for a United and Free Macedonia, as well as Peace and Freedom throughout the world. References: Maggie’s Speech (12 min 20 sec onwards) –

Show 40 – Dr. Graham Lyons

Dr. Graham Lyons ran a diversified family farming enterprise, then in his mid 40s returned to University, studied public health and became a micronutrient researcher, working in numerous countries. Since early 2020 he has stood up against government-corporate tyranny, is an incisive critic of the Covid narrative and wears the “antivaxxer” label as a badge …

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Show 39 – Steve Adams

Steve Adams grew up in a working class suburb south of Adelaide. He left school at fifteen and served in the military until gaining entry, as a mature age student, into Flinders University. He graduated from the Flinders University Drama Centre as an actor in 1991 before moving to Melbourne for greater career opportunities. Steve …

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Show 36 – Frank Salter

Frank Salter is a retired social sciences academic, who recently co-authored a book which advocates on behalf of the white collective, “Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred.” Naturally, the book’s publication has been met by the academy with stony faced silence. However, Frank and his co-author Harry Richardson (no relation) are at the vanguard of a counter …

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Show 34 – Shane Murdock

Shane Murdock is a commercial pilot with over forty years experience. One of a number of pilots who lost their careers for not submitting to the vaccine mandates. In this conversation, Shane takes us through the paper he has written articulating his circumstances and where the solutions might be found. However, the conversation gets really …

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Show 33 – Daniel Jones

As a personal security guard to Avi Yemini, Daniel Jones from Tactical Force Combatives had a birds eye view of many recent controversial events that have shaped Victoria and the world. In this interview he speaks candidly about the threat faced by alternative media as it challenges the corporate status quo. References:

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