Show 54 – Jim Willmott

Jim Wilmott is a cattle grazer from the Kingaroy region in Queensland. He runs a community organisation propertyrightsaustralia.org.au that fights on behalf of regional land holders and their struggle with unelected global bureaucrats. This discussion focuses specifically on the demands cosmopolitan elites place on farmers. The consequences of net zero carbon emissions targets which make …

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Show 53 – Jason Miles

Jason Miles first came to my attention when he was running for Rod Cullerton’s GAP at the 2022 Federal Election. He was recently invited to speak at the “Say NO to Digital ID” rally held in Brisbane. Jason has first-hand experience of the corruption undermining Australia’s preferential voting system yet continues to fight for “justice” …

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Show 50 – Easter Special

Have you noticed the manipulation of Australian identity? Should we be allowed to vote on the levels of immigration coming to this country? Does “democracy” mean anything? Has the bureaucracy been weaponized against our national heritage with taxpayer funded six figure salaries? We deep dive in and attempt to answer some of these questions. References:

Show 49 – Taylah Ling

Tayla Ling is a Gippsland resident, a university graduate, and young mother of three. She recently started doing her own blog, Valley Insights, exposing Latrobe City Council corruption. She knows that the goings on at local government level are indicative of darker forces in operation throughout the world. Having grown up in a household that …

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Show 48 – Steve Dickson

Steve Dickson grew up on a farm in Queensland. He has served as a minister in Campbell Newman’s State LNP Government and recently ran as an Independent Candidate at the 2022 Federal Election to fight the glaring inconsistencies of the Covid narrative. During the election many AEC officials told voters intending to vote for Steve …

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Show 46 – Eugene Donnini

Eugene Donnini spent time in Pentridge Prison for his involvement in a series of armed robberies. He was released in 1980. Inside he rubbed shoulders with some of the hardest criminals of the era, many of whom have become infamous celebrities. In this interview, Eugene recounts the details leading to his incarceration and subsequent rehabilitation …

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Show 45 – Ethan Nash

People often ask me where the young people in the “freedom” movement are? Ethan Nash has been running his TOTT News website since he was twelve. At twenty-eight he continues to develop an articulate alternative perspective on where society is headed. The technological advancements in the development of a dystopian trans-humanist future. Where science is …

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