Show 17 – Victor Leach

In this show, retired radiation physicist, Victor Leach, warns us about the dangers of the roll out of 5G technology. He is not a doomsday conspiracy theorist but an advocate for regulation based on empirical evidence to protect those most vulnerable to electromagnetic frequency. A scientist of rare conviction, not afraid to stand against a confected consensus reached by a desire for corporate  profitability. How badly is this “consensus” undermining our societies’ liveability?  



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Problem with the standards is highlighted in this short video

US Senator Blumenthal Raises Concerns on 5G Wireless Technology Health Risks at Senate Hearing: Flying Blind

NTP Animal Study on Mobile Phones. 2-year 30 million dollar study over 2 years. This is long-term exposure without heading.

ORSAA Interviews on 5G

ORSAA president gave an easy-to-understand talk.

Victor Leach talk at WA (speaking about the ARPANSA report TR 164 at the 24 min mark)

Electrohypersensitivity EHS of Ericsson Employee. Ericsson knew there was a problem in the early days before mobile phones were in wide spread use. This Dutch documentary is about half in English with Dutch subtitles. Interview of a former employer of Ericsson, which starts at the 5 min mark and lasts for about 10 minutes in English

ORSAA Research Papers
Wireless technology is an environmental stressor requiring new understanding and approaches in health care
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The assumption of safety is being used to justify the rollout of 5G technologies
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Victor Leach C4ST presentation
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ORSAA have assembled an online database of scientific papers—part-1.html—part-2.html

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