National Free Media Summit – Damien Richardson Speech 11-11-2023

Damien is a well known Australian actor. His most notable roles on television include Neighbours and City Homicide. He has had articles published in Quadrant and Cauldron Pool. Since 2020, Damien has been propelled into “Having the conversations that others are too afraid to have”.
During the Melbourne lockdowns Damien took a brave stand to speak up for what matters. Damien is a passionate speaker on cultural identity and the difficult issues that face us as a nation.
Damien went on to run for the Senate in the federal election and worked on an online radio show.
MARIA ZEEE headed a stellar cast of free media champions including Ethan Nash, Joel Jammal, Damien Richardson, Michael Gray Griffith & Bruce Paix. with special messages from English reporter Alex Thomson, Dr Mark & Dr Samantha Bailey from NZ & German whistleblower MEP Christine Anderson.

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