The bottom of the victim identity hierarchy

According to the Age, the Victorian Attorney General, Jocelyn Symes, is moving to ban the Nazi salute because “all Victorians deserve to feel safe, accepted and included.” All except white working class heterosexual men who are at the bottom of the victim identity hierarchy.

When I made a speech defending the interests of this cohort in Traralgon, earlier this month, on the 7th of August, the Age vilified me in an article as a Nazi, likening my speech to Hitler’s treatment of the Jews. I didn’t mention Hitler nor reference the Jews in my speech defending the collective interests of white working class Australians, let alone pull a Roman salute. A video of my speech in Traralgon can be found at

The Age are weaponising the Holocaust to shut down free speech. A process outlined by Jewish author Norman Finkelstein in his book The Holocaust Industry.

As an organ of state power the Age is trying to stop you from being able to defend yourself against the elites attack on our cultural heritage. It is to the denigration of the memory of all those who fought and died during the Second World War including many of my white working class ancestors.

Somehow, during my lifetime, those men have gone from being considered hero’s defending the realm against NAZI totalitarianism to the inheritors of white privilege. Many people are starting to see through the manipulation of history that’s occurring in the corridors of power by the corporate/state in its implementation of globalism.

The regime knows our numbers are legion and are scared that the propaganda war they have waged against ordinary Australians is failing. This became obvious during Covid when the regime absurdly labelled so many of us “neo Nazis” for simply not wanting to take an experimental vaccine.

That’s why they are clamping down with authoritarian legislation. Including a fine upwards of 23k or twelve months in prison for doing a Nazi salute and then the even more draconian intention of the Federal Labor Government to introduce a misinformation/disinformation bill. A ministry of truth. More than likely making this post illegal.

The bombs stopped raining down on Berlin, over seventy eight years ago, in May 1945 but the war still rages on. As the American Novelist, William Faulkner, so sagaciously noted, “the past is not dead. It’s not even past.”

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