The elite are trying to kick goals, but who made them boss?

The AFL is an advocate for saving the planet from catastrophic “climate change.” They tell us, the great unwashed, to reduce our carbon footprint with pronouncements, over the loudspeaker, whenever you attend a football match. Virtue signalling on behalf of their corporate partners: McDonald’s, Bunnings, Telstra, Coles, NAB…etc…etc…

People have played sports ball in the middle of the afternoon since before Adam was a boy, without the encumbrance of an artificial lighting grid. But on Saturday they played a game of AFL, under the glow of the industrial light towers at the MCG, at 1.45pm. The boys chased the pig skin in the gloom of a wintry afternoon sun with an unnecessary halo of coal fire power generated electricity partially illuminating them. 

Where does this hypocrisy surrounding the source of carbon emissions stem from? Is it a deliberate ploy by the elites to reinforce the master slave relationship? A ritualistic humiliation of the Australian people. Like politicians exempting themselves from the vaccine mandates or woke white celebrities like Lisa Wilkinson poking fun at Jacinta Nampijinpa Price’s traditional name. 

We watch with growing discontent, as the elites make choices forbidden to the rest of us, wondering who the hell on Earth made them boss?

The AFL is a corporate entity co-opting the game of the people in order to disseminate the regime’s propaganda. Whether that be a call for more diversity, an indigenous voice to parliament, or a reduction in greenhouse gases.

This is the end of the line for the liberal “democratic” process. Like the tramps in Samuel Beckett’s play, Waiting for Godot, we are forced to wait for justice in a materially compromised universe. In the absence of morality we are chastised by the hierarchical ambitions of the elites master slave relationship.  

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