The People Have Spoken

If you want to fight back against your government imposing its will, over and above what you find morally acceptable. Like trying to normalise Drag Queen Story Time in your local library, for children aged between one to six, then you have a duty to fight back regardless of the consequenc-es.

Petitions to institutions and parliamentarians are useless. Senator Ralph Babet showed us that, when he raised hopes by supporting a group of concerned residents, at a meeting of Monash City Councillors in suburban Melbourne, before changing his mind in the face of alleged Antifa re-sistance. You’d reckon the thought of grooming children was less confronting to him than facing the demons that would steal their innocence.

Conservatives are cuckolded by the system they work within. By the “Left’s” long march through our cultural institutions. Swaddled in the colours of the rainbow alphabet sponsored by the dollars of corporate lobbyists.

They are the gate keepers, doing the bidding of men like Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, who wants to use his firms unparalleled investment power to “force” his ESG “behaviours” on the rest of the community. Environmental, Social, Governance is corporate speak for the tenets of a new woke religion.

Fink says he will retributively punish those who resist the latest instalment of enslavement by withdrawing their access to material comfort. Doesn’t he realise he is ill equipped to fight a spir-itual battle armed only with the corrupted influence of supply and demand economics?

Our institutions no longer serve the interests of the people they were established to represent. They serve the interests of a wealthy league of globalist oligarchs like Larry Fink who is trying to use his earthly authority to blackmail the rest of us into compliance.

They’ll call you a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic bigot for daring to resist, just like they called us anti-vaxxers in the corporate media for not shooting up their poisonous MRNA jabs dur-ing Covid. They said we were neo Nazis who wanted to kill our grandparents. Chastising and hu-miliating us by taking away our right to work, or go inside a restaurant, or even visit a sick or dy-ing relative. They didn’t see the irony in calling us the totalitarians, so blinded by their ‘faith’ in liberal progressivism. An ideological lust for power that can never be sated.

Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, even berated the community for daring to push back against Drag Queen Story Time. Using the bully pulpit of the parliament to say it was part of an “intolerant Floridian” style of politics. It’s all rhetoric, of course, Andrew’s didn’t mention that the inaugural Drag Queen Story Time was held in San Francisco back in 2015. The brain child of radi-cal queer feminist, Michelle Tea, and as such is an attack on traditional marriage and the Christian family. If people pushed back in the US, as they are now in Australia, it is as part of a universal instinct to protect children from the ravages of pedophilia.

In the wake of the public backlash against the weaponisation of queer identity, the premier retreated to the “safety” of parliament to host the Drag Queens. The spectre of the peoples house being used to teach children about transvestism as a legitimate life choice and potential future direction showed just how far from grace the state of Victoria, under Daniel Andrew’s leadership, has fallen.
The Premier couldn’t hide his glee, when starring at the exaggerated painted faces of men dressed like women. It was the same expression he used when claiming victory at last years state election, holding his hands aloft before pro-claiming the efficacy of the vaccination program.

The Monash and Boorandara Councils capitulated in their attempt to impose Drag Queen Story Time in the face of public opposition. After all the money and time these councils spent on prepar-ing to “host” these events, to have to back down at the eleventh hour must have been humiliating.

Now, at least, the council knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end. It’s not the pain of enduring the “sudden” death of a loved one or the debilitating reality of living vaccine injured but it is a blow to the regime’s ideological life blood, nonetheless.

Everybody needs to keep pushing back because one thing we know for sure, in these times of mor-al relativism, where traditional values are turned on their head: winning this battle doesn’t mean we’ve won the war, yet.

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